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What is The Energy School?

Over the last 10 years I have had many people ask me to teach them what I have learnt from energy mapping, developing clairvoyance, healing, readings and applying energy understanding  in different situations.

Right now seems like the perfect time to share the information that will create awareness & help assist change and development in all areas of life. 

The true principles surrounding the use of energy are quite complex.. hence why there are so many theories & questions.

Once you understand the world of energy in relation to the physical clearly, things seem to work so much more smoothly and life gets an extra boost. 

Some may be thinking of attending to gain more information for themselves & their journey, and some may be looking to gain information on how to help others better as a practitioner.

Either way both will occur.

This is a transformational process and guided experience. Both weekends are always a mix of learning & practical application.

In short, it is a journey into your inner knowing and to the awareness of your energetic power.

The School is for the open minded, the seekers, the healers, the artists, the believers, the dreamers & the intrigued.

Most of all it is always good fun, energetically adventurous & dam exciting!

Energy School 101 is a complete overview of the foundations & applications  of energy.

Energy School 102 is dedicated to the understanding, directing, supporting & manifesting  awareness of energy on an even deeper level. It is about connecting, directing and managing your energy  & spirit & includes the fire-walk ritual .


The course  is fully catered & will include resources for you to take with you on your journey, 2 full days of events, information, exercises & experiences for you to use to expand your personal awareness & your understanding of your energy.

There will be opportunities to look at the energy of relationships, businesses, creative developments & healing as well as intuitive development.

And, as you all know I am a very keen advocate on the issues of  energy hygiene, support and protection ~ so will be covering those too..

You will be sent your pre-course information before the day and there will be some personal preparation required ..

You will have a chance to send me questions when you register so I may include your areas of interest during the weekend.

It is a weekend aimed at transforming your level of intuition, healing capacity & your level of personal energy awareness.

In a nutshell ~ how to read, fix, use and maintain energy in self and other areas of life and healing.

Lynette &

The Energy School Angels X


Lynette Arkadie &

The School of Energy, Spirit & Creative Forces



School 1 & 2

Indispensible Details

Energy School 101  			                                    “oh the fun we’ll have”
Next dates TBA
9am – 5.00pm * approx both days
$ 500 all inclusive.

ES1 is a comprehensive overview of energy & the energy world.. how to use it, fix it, clear it, see it, hear it, feel it, direct it & move it. ~ Prepare to be inspired!
An informative & interactive two day workshop experience “Spectacular Spectacular!” (this is a repeat of courses offered in 08 & 09, &  necessary if you wish to participate & move with the group into level 2)

Energy School 102                 “who would have thought it possible”
Next dates TBA
9am - 6,30pm  * approx both days
$ 690 all inclusive.					

With the basic foundations under our belts we move into uncovering the second realm of awareness. ES2 is a carefully designed adventure into the spiritual & energy world and its manifestations through physical form. You will receive your usual goodies in the mail before ES2 begins. ES2 is a chance to go on another journey of remembering, uncovering and personal excavation.  
Oh & also - When we said hold onto your socks we meant it!  
This journey ends in a fire walk ritual .. yes everyone who attends will have the opportunity to complete a fire-walk initiation with Kurek Ashley  (renowned motivator , qualified fire walking world record holder & expert) *   Are you ready? 

WHERE:                                                                                     The perfect place to share & explore
Both courses are to be held at The University of Sydney, Camperdown. 
The event will be fully catered & resourced for your pleasure & comfort. We want you to focus on “you” for the weekend. We will hold the space, provide the treasure hunt inspiration, serve you the food for thought & support you to find your way.

Should you wish to accept the invitation click below:

or if you just wish to express interest email promptly

Immediately we will inform the energy school owls to begin preparing the enchanting, challenging and curious parcels that may arrive in your letterbox in the months leading up to the school.

*A disclaimer & release will require signing prior to course commencement.



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