$145- MAM massage (1.5 hr)

$145- Pre / Post pregnancy (1.5hr) massage

$75- Base chakra steam & self care. (1 hr)

$TBA- Self Care Class


Andrea Lopez

m 0422 410 227


Please consider the following

Consumption of food / drink prior

In order to work deeply on the pelvic and abdominal areas, please refrain from eating at least 2 hrs prior to your booking. You are allowed to drink fluids in moderation, however please reduce this in the 1 hour prior to your booking. Once you've finished your massage, feel free to resume regular intakes of both.

Body coverings

Please note, however you will be provided with a sarong to cover your body at all times. This allows your practitioner to work across the full length of your bodies meridian lines*

Contradictions of appointments

Do not book in for services if the following apply to you:

  1. *During active menstruation

  2. *IUD (intra-uterine device for contraception) is present

  3. *Immediately after abdominal surgery

  4. *Active infection or cancer present in pelvic area, or while undergoing active treatment of chemotherapy

  5. *During the first trimester (19 weeks) of pregnancy

  6. *Hiatal Hernia (gentle massage required

Yes M.A.M

Mayan Abdominal


After studying in the jungles of Belize in Central South America under the guidance of Dr. Rosita Arvigo,

Andrea Lopez is one of a handful of licensed practitioners of this unique technique and is sharing this amazing technique

with clients of The Soul Factory.

Who is Andrea?

Andrea Lopez is earthed and joyous about what she does.

Anyone who meets Andrea finds her playful nature completely matches her divine strength at invoking what is required for the job.

Pollinating the universe with her true healing spirit seems almost effortless for her and makes her a much sort after practitioner.

She has enjoyed being a bodyworker for 13 years now. With her pioneering spirit Andrea introduced Ka Huna to Sydney, & was the first Lomi Lomi teacher to represent Mette's Institute in NSW.

In 2007 Andrea set off with her young family for Belize, Central America where she began her studies with Dr. Rosita Arvigo.  Dr. Rosita Arvigo, DN, developed these techniques, after apprenticing with Don Elijio Panti, the last of the Traditional Maya Shaman in Central America, where she has lived for over 30 years.

Andrea Lopez is the first Certified Practitioner in Australia.

What is Mayan Abdominal Massage?

The Soul Factory is pleased to also offer Mayan Abdominal  Massage: an amazing technique to assist with moving energy through the lower chakras and abdomen. The therapeutic benefits are countless and the energy release nothing short of phenomenal.

Maya Abdominal Massage is a non-invasive, external, massage technique. It guides internal abdominal organs into their proper position for optimum health and well being. The technique works by relieving congestion and blockages to improve the flow of chi and fluids of the circulatory, lymphatic and nervous systems to prevent the progression of chronic disease symptomology.

Maya massage improves organ function by releasing physical and emotional congestion from the abdomen. It can assist in the removal of energetic congestion, hooks and chords. Maya massage is also effective in clearing and healing the cellular memories of abuse and trauma. This massage is effective for both men and women, however when tailored to female clients, the work is best known for the correction of a prolapsed, fallen or tilted uterus. The technique strengthens the pelvic surrounding muscles and ligaments to promote a healthy reproductive system. Modern medicine does little to treat this problem with issues such as Endometriosis, ovarian cysts, painful ovulation and also infertility believed to be linked to such displacement.

Besides assisting the increase in your personal power and grounding, symptoms such as digestive issues, lower back aches and low energy are improved by incorporating this holistic modality into ones health care.

Bookings are often filled in advance, so please keep this in mind when planning for a session.

We often advise clients that are experiencing female or male health issues, fertility issues of having trouble moving deep energy to see Andrea for specified sessions under her guidance. We have also  found the cycle of  a reading, balance, MAM, breath & massage within about a week wait 3 weeks and repeat ~ to be incredibly beneficial to ones energy clearing process and is the deepest energy clearing process offered by The Soul Factory Collective.


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