$ Please contact individual practitioners for prices and availability.


Elena Vorona      BONDI JCT

m 0425 011 554

Janie Cavill             SYDNEY

m 0409 076 814

*pregnancy massage & body soaks & scrubs available

Gavin                  SYD/BYRON

m 0408 864 296

Saleemah             SUNSHINE

Ladhani                COAST

m 0413 185 626

Stacey                      BRISBANE

m 0421 543 509

Karim                      BYRON

p 02 6689 7055

Please consider the following:

Consumption of food / drink prior

In order to work deeply on the digestive system and surrounding areas, please refrain from eating at least 2 hours prior to your booking. You are allowed to drink fluids in moderation, however please reduce this in the 1 hour prior to your booking. Once you've finished your massage, feel free to resume regular intakes of both.

Body coverings

Please note that in the true tradition of Kahuna massage you are asked to shed your clothes, however you will be provided with a sarong to cover your body at all times. This allows your practitioner to work across the full length of your bodies meridian lines*

All things kahuna & massage...

Nothing finishes off the Energy Laundry™ process quite like a massage. Integrating all of the energy shifting and changing to bring you out brand sparkly and new. We have connections to some of the finest around who are sure to help you on your journey.

Who are our massage therapists?

Our trusted masseuses are truly the kind of practitioners that you would have travelled miles to see in a time gone bye. With  their hearts of gold & hands that melt away tension and energy locked in the body, our practitioners are deeply nurturing and sensitive souls that know exactly how to massage someone through their journey, integration and into deep peace.

Welcome to a place where time stands still and the smell of  frangipanis and coconut hang lightly in the air…......

There are many types of massage. And what is important is that you get a massage. So if you have your favourite masseuse then that is just fine.

We strongly recommend good Kahuna massage after a reading or energy cycle or process. Kahuna is a very deep, soothing, breathing massage that aligns all of the energy system. It integrate the energies of all parts of the body & energetic system to, so it can operate effectively & accept the new. Kahuna massage is often used as one of the final steps in the Energy Laundry ™ process. Its one of the best ways The Soul Factory crew has found in incorporating all the energetic change you will have made, and a reward for your hard work.

The Kahuna technique is a unique flowing style that treats lymphatic, circulatory, nervous, respiratory and digestive systems. It also works on the opening of the heart to giving and receive unconditional love. In a safe and fully supportive environment, this enables us to release past hurts, emotional wounds and rebuilds our system in support and nurturing.

Kahuna (ka-huna) n: -in traditional Hawaiian society, a person with                 

                                     specialized knowledge of ritual, agriculture

                               or navigation etc.

Here at The Soul Factory collective- our Kahuna masseuses are masters of ritual, using their unique style of massage to uplift the soul, open the heart and heal the physical body. While our Kahunas don't specialize in the above mentioned agriculture or navigation…...they are adept at using tonics, hot stones, wraps & scrubs whilst you soak in the bliss- speak to your practitioner and ask them about this.  Some of the tempting concoctions include organic coconut, sea salt and tahitian oils.

To enquire about a booking please contact either

Elena, Janie, Gavin, Stacey, Karim or Saleemah,

For training & facilitation The Soul Factory recommends:

Mette Sorensen

Mette Sorensen is the inspiration behind some of Asia Pacific's most comprehensive and insightful training programs, developed from years of training and experience. Mette's Institute operates entirely independently of other schools or associations and offers courses specifically designed to suit a broad range of individual requirements. Mette believes in developing a complete and holistic program to suit each individual through the integration of body language, body awareness, and communication skills with natural therapies.

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