$160-In person balance ( 1hr)

*Distant balances available upon request

$30- Extra “plug in/correcting emotions” support

Practitioner & Details

Joy Moulieri  

(Facilitator of Intro, Lvl 1 &

2 and lvl 9 practitioner )

m 0433 177 486

e click here for email

Please consider the following:

Pre-session notes / recording

Please write down any specific notes  or guidance channeled by Lynette if your booking in on her recommendation. This allows your RAW practitioner to cater the balance to Lynette's guidance

Distant Balances

Available by contacting your practitioner of choice. Ensure you provide both a phone number at time of booking. This allows your practitioner to call you upon the completion of your distant balance and share the issues that came up and were cleared during the session.

A Life in Balance………

If your feeling out of balance….step two of The Soul Factory's Energy Laundry™  process holds the answers with energy balancing in a non invasive system that uses muscle testing to identify and clear the blocks and imbalances within the individual.

Who is Joy?

As well as completely living up to her name, Joy Moulieri has been a uniquely practicing Kinesiologist for over 10 years. She is a level 9 Rekindled Ancient Wisdom practitioner & Intro, level 1 & 2 facilitator, and has studied a range of healing therapies including Reiki, Reflexology, Reset, N.O.T., Kinergetics, and more.

Put simply she is a wonder-woman of the physical & energy world ~ helping clients move through the large, sticky and even stubborn energies with a gentle flick of her finger.

Joy is calm, steadfast and has a gentle confidence that allows her to navigate a session & her guide lists with sincere clarity.  She approaches her sessions with the precision of an energy surgeon.

Rarely does a kinesiologist get to the level of clearing that Joy can.

Simply, Joy is a rare treasure who goes unassumingly about her business, whilst helping clients to move safely & smoothly to rebalance their own energies allowing them move into complete flow.

Feeling is believing but we always say - the clarity, centre and balance after a session with Joy is nothing short of blissful.

What is RAW?

Rekindled Ancient wisdom (RAW) is a kinesiology based healing modality. It was created by Pam Myers and Sally Worth in 1998 based on channelled information.

Unlike traditional kinesiology the muscle testing is done off the body and into the energies. What this means is that instead of testing one of the muscles on the clients body the practitioner will test into the clients energies using their own hands. This makes for a far more relaxing experience for the client and a deep capacity to release core issues & blocks.

RAW balancing also has the capacity to work on a soul, genetic, mental, past life, emotional and DNA level. Your body and the balancing system work together to create a more harmonious environment to allow energy  to flow, so your personal power and self healing mechanism can switch on.

What is muscle testing?

Muscle testing is a tool that is used in kinesiology to tap into the “bodies bio-computer” and ask it questions about its state of health in a holistic and multidimensional way. With muscle testing we bypass the conscious mind and gain access to the wealth of information that is contained within us that we may not even be aware of. Muscle testing facilitates the process of finding the imbalances “energetic baggage” that we have in place that no longer serves us and what we need to do to remove it.

What is energetic baggage?

Energetic baggage is basically an imbalance or bad programming coming from childhood traumas, bad relationships, negative experiences, genetic information or wherever the issue has originated. Imbalances within us are like viruses in a computer - they stop you from functioning efficiently. They have the potential to affect any area of your life and can manifest as physical, emotional, mental, spiritual or even financial imbalances.

Now what?

Once all the imbalances have been identified, through muscle testing, a point is held on the upper arm that is like a delete button on a computer. Imagine bringing everything that you don’t like about yourself and your life onto a computer screen and then when the screen is full you just hold the delete button and watch it all disappear.

The body and its energy fields like any computer system, are able to perform many tasks but the tasks are limited by the knowledge that you have on the computer. Can you imagine if you knew how to use every function of every key on the computer, all the shortcuts, your life would be far less frustrating and a lot smoother. The body and its energy fields are this same computer system and if you know what “buttons” to press the body is capable of self-healing many things on many levels.

This treatment is usually preceded by a reading & followed in a few days by a breath session & / or a massage within  few days of each other.

To book a RAW session contact Joy on m 0433 177 486 or visit


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