Carole Spice

M: 0414 658595

Celebrate the ritual & change

Here at The Soul Factory we’re firm believers in ritual, celebration & marking important moments & chapters in your life. We sometimes find that  after the Energy Laundry process people want to signify a the gentle transition a caterpillar undergoes to become a butterfly! You may wish to stand on the rooftops and shout out your feelings of excitement or quietly stand in reverence at the whole process! OR  you may need a celebrant for a multitude of very important reasons..... if that is the case ~ we know just the one to help you do it!

Carole Spice

Carole has a strong sense of honor for the ancient energies of ritual and tribe. 

This quiet unassuming women has a soul of fire, heart of gold and the ability to hold space in a unique way.

She has travelled to many corners of the globe seeking out with others of old tribes how best to go about her work.

She has had many initiations herself to allow her to be able to actually hold the energy.

She takes her job of holding space for ceremony incredibly seriously and yet incredibly unassuming, flexible and nurturing. 


Rituals act like energy markers in our lives. By actually applying intention & creating the space to voice that intention, the energy is accented and it becomes known in all dimensions.

Choosing the celebrant for a big moment is in your life is a huge decision and we understand that so well. With Carole the journey is clear and balanced.

One of the gifts of a wonderful celebrant is to be able to adapt into the desired outcome for your ceremony.

Carole is professionally trained as a wedding and funeral celebrant. If you let Carole know what you are comfortable with she can work her magic to help map your celebration.
She is inspired by a contemporary interfaith approach. The ceremony she will personally weave with you will reflect your dreams and wishes, be it a small or large gathering, traditional or adventurous.

The flavour of the ceremony is always uniquely yours - reflecting your beliefs, feelings and values. By blending the wisdom, teachings and rituals of different faiths, it is possible to co-create a beautiful and distinctive ceremony.

Some of the ceremonies that Carole can offer.  include   "marking the end of a healing journey", individually designed weddings, life celebrations (funerals), baby namings, woman’s ceremonies, blessings and much more.

All ceremonies are handcrafted in love, joy and gratitude, each ceremony is unique and personal.

She aims to create ceremonies and celebrations to unite minds and hearts.



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