$170- Breathwork session                       

Length of session

approx 120 mins


Ann Harrison

m 0403 823 636

Denise Burgess

m 0403 729 135

Robyn Fernance

p 02 4959 6619

Vanessa Dietzel (London)


Judee Gee (Paris)

Please consider the following:

Consumption of food / drink prior

In order to access core issues through breath, please refrain from eating at least 2 hours prior to your booking. You are allowed to drink fluids in moderation, however please reduce this in the 1 hour prior to your booking. Once you've finished your breath session, feel free to resume regular intakes of both.

What to wear

Comfortable clothing

Breathe and let go………

Breathwork sessions have become an integral emotional & energy release component of the ENERGY LAUNDRY ™ cycle. You'd be surprised how easily you can access stuck emotions and energies & clear on a chakric level simply through the guided cyclic breathing process.

The Breathwork team

Between Ann, Denise and Robyn there is enough experience to build & unify a small county.

These women are the quintessential of what breathwork energy is all about.

They hold the space, guide, nurture and share their wisdom gently, with deep strength.

They are committed to the process fully, and have vast amounts of experience guiding clients as well as facilitating & forwarding their craft.

Clients who have had breathwork sessions always comment on just how deeply moving yet gentle on the soul these ladies are.

A rare, yet beautiful quality in a practitioner.

If something is sitting within your field that needs to be connected too, felt and released.. these are the master craftswomen for the job.

We often joke that if the world could be offered even one breath session each.. it would be a much happier place! The lightness of being is something unique that breathwork provides.

What is Breathwork?

In a Breathwork session you are an active participant. You are guided to consciously connect your breathing and are supported to allow your energy to unblock as you move to dissolve your fears, gain profound insight and move to a place of peace, connection and confidence.

Breathwork clears the chakras—the body, mind and energy fields—of any old stuck energies that are blocking new energy patterns of healing. It supports you to gain clarity and move in your life. Subconscious limiting beliefs are brought to the surface, dissolved and a new supportive framework is created.

Breathwork allows the body to learn to hold, gather and take in new energy that supports and affirms you. It can also include the experience of birth as well as past lives. Soul retrieval techniques may also be used.

Breathworkers recognise the breath as the most simple, natural and powerful inner resource available for unlocking your potential.

A typical session begins with a short amount of talking, between 60-90mins of breathing and a rest period. Finally, there is a debrief at the end.  The purpose of each session is to release suppressed emotion and bring to the conscious mind the unconscious beliefs and attitudes that govern behaviour.

Then the individual has the possibility of changing in a way that they choose. You really get to know your own mind and become more able to use it to your advantage.

Every session is different, as Breathwork is an organic, self generated process.

Clients can have a physical, emotional, mental and/or spiritual experience during their session (usually a combination of a few of these).

Experiences can include:

The Physical:

▪changes of temperature (feeling hot or cold)

▪a variety of body sensations


▪release/awareness of the whole gamut of emotions, from sadness, anger, fear to ecstasy and  joy


▪memories of past events, relationships, early childhood and even birth and conception
awareness of patterns, conditioning, limiting decisions and beliefs, and the ability to clear these thoughts over time


▪memories of past lives

▪deep relaxation and a sense of bliss

▪connection to self/spirit/universe

▪other non-ordinary states of consciousness

Please note : we strongly recommend you follow this session in a few days with a Kahuna massage or a massage session of your choice.

We trust you will benefit greatly from this service and encourage you to book in with one of our qualified breathworkers.


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